Thursday, January 1, 2015

Feeling and Sharing the Love

Well, Amy Garro of 13 Spools thanks so much for your fabulous idea of giving the love - I've been so inspired by so many people myself this year!  And you, my cyber friend, are one of them!  So thanks so much for all that you have shared.

Quilters tend to be so generous - with their ideas, their discoveries, their fabrics - sometimes I think other organizations (yes politicians, I'm talking to you!) should take note of the way quilters help and support each other - they might actually be able to solve a few problems....

This year I've discovered so many different bloggers, and I have to give credit to Amy at Amy's Creative Side first for this - her Blogger's Quilt Festival opened up a new world for me.  I feel like I've discovered a bunch of new friends who inspire me and share my endless fascination with's like a perfect little world where everyone speaks the same language, but has enough of his or her own accent to keep it interesting!

Marianne at The Quilting Edge is literally a source of wonder for me - I am in complete awe and constant fascination with all that she does, and I thank her profoundly for sharing her sheer genius with us.

Another artist I follow is Weeks Wringle at Craft Nectar, (among other places).  Her thoughtful, artistic approach to creating is inspiring in so many ways!

I fell in love with Ann Sullivan of Quilt Design a Day after her MQG webinar; same goes for for Cheryl Arkison's Dining Room Empire.  Oh and Carrie Bloomston at Such Designs, too!

Then there are Melissa of Happy Quilting and Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts - I thought I was prolific but the output of these two ladies is formidable!

Last I'm going to mention Hillary at Entropy Always Wins.  I've recently discovered this blog and I have to say that I feel Hillary is a kindred spirit - I pretty much LOVE everything she makes!  I'm amazed she finds the time to make everything she does, working as an ER doc and being a mother and I wonder if she ever finds time to sleep.  I think she pretty much illustrates the passion we quilters have for creating - it's far more than a hobby, that's for sure!

There are so many amazing teachers, creators and thinkers out there - these are only a few of the bloggers and artists I follow - it might get boring and more than a little long if I kept going...but I'm here to say to all - we should definitely keep going because our art is only getting better and better.

I'm looking so forward to Quiltcon this year and can't wait to meet some of you guys.  And even if we don't meet - I hope you'll still continue to share your brilliance and enthusiasm and kind generosity - it makes the world a cozier, better place.

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