Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Joining in the Fun

It's late but I'm gonna link up anyway.  I haven't been able to participate for various reasons for a long time.  I am actually finally finished with the Glass Bowl piece.  It turned out well, although once again I don't have fabulous photos to show it.  (I really hate photography.  I just do.)

I did decide to straight line quilt it.  After all, the lines on the bowl were all straight.  But I added some silver thread and used a silvery fabric for binding to add to the "glow" effect.  And it did, but it's quite subtle I'm not sure it shows much in the photos:

The fabrics are so amazing, they are gorgeous (Frond Fabrics from Delve DIY).  Luckily I have lots more and several ideas for them.  

But for now I am working on a new, secret project.  Fun.

Going to join in with Sew Fresh to see what y'all are up to.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

#at Quiltcon 2016

So much talent...




and beauty,

all in one place! 

 (And the quilts aren't too  bad, either!)

Absolute fabulousness.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Groovin' on

There's been some decent progress on some of my WIP's  this week.  First of all, I made a pillow.  The pillow was supposed to take a couple of hours; it took a couple of days.  Mostly because I just had to make it more and more complicated as it went along.  But I'm quite happy with it.  It is going to go on a blue couch in our vacation rental, which we are calling MOD Haus because it is a mid-century modern house. ( I will definitely share photos of it when it's ready - we've spent a lot of time and thought on the thing, and it is going to be so awesome.  I'm so psyched I'm planning on having at least one quilt retreat a year there - it's got so much room!)  Back to the pillow, however.  The rug in the game room is a modern abstract with lots of primary colors.  I had wanted a yellow couch but couldn't find the right color, so I'm adding yellow accents.  Here is yellow accent number one:

Yellow really is a great color, isn't it?  I am gaga for all the fabrics in this pillow.  And I love the "plaid" effect - it's fun.

Next, I finally began quilting my glass bowl quilt.  I am so very please with the effect the Glide thread I am using has - it has a slight sheen, which makes it  almost "glow," especially under direct light.  I tried to show it in this photo:

And it flattened the piece out so nicely - I'm not going to have to worry after all about it being uneven, so I'm thrilled about that.

Lastly, I'm almost finished with my Sedona table runner.  I love the colors - it really does look like the rocks in Sedona.  This was a learning experience.  I have enough fabric to make another now that I know how, and I plan to do so - have a couple of other ideas I want to try on.  All it needs it binding and it will be finished as well.

Here is a close up - I wanted the edges to be craggy, like rocks...

I've also got the first five rows of Fly, Boy finished and I'm quite thrilled bout it.  I had to stop for a while, because the thing is so darn intense - it literally takes an entire day of sewing to do three blocks, if I'm lucky.  But slow and steady wins the race I hope.  I really want it to be special so I'm taking my time - when I get sick of it I work on something else so I don't screw it up.  

That's it for this week, can't wait to see everyone else's WIPs.