Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fun for All

It's the week of the Blogger's Quilt Festival - Hooray!   Guess I better get ready to sit on my petootie for a while! I LOVE looking at all the quilts, and I LOVE finding new blogs to add to my growing list of blogs, but my backside does not love all the time I spend in my BAC (Big-Ass-Chair) with my laptop.  Too bad for it - one must take inspiration when it is offered! 

The quilt I'm entering today is called Nebula. This piece ,inspired by movement, has existed in my sketch book for at least five years - maybe longer.   Don't know why it's been on the back burner for so long, but it's been secretly calling to me for all that time.  Periodically I would come across it and think "Why have I not made this yet - I love it!" only to put in back in the book and not make it for some reason or another, which I cannot explain, really.  

A couple of months ago, with my new-found freedom and time, I got the sketch out to show to my sister and others, and their lack of enthusiasm for it only made me all the more determined to do it - I knew it was going to turn out beautifully!   In fact, I love it so much, I'm going to make a similar one (it may take another five years, but that's okay!)

Here it is, blowing in the never ending wind off my front porch - I like this photo because it really shows the quilting.  

And here is another, calmer picture taken inside:

So it's a little abstract, but I think it really captures the feeling of movement - kind of like a storm, or under the ocean.  And my sister loves  the finished product, by the way.  Just goes to show ya, you should listen to your inner creative voice, because not everyone can see what you see in your mind until the thing is done.  

Thanks to everyone who participated and shared in the Blogger's Festival!  It really is so much fun for all!

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