Friday, May 22, 2015

Almost Missed the Deadline!

Oh gosh, I've been so consumed with life that I almost missed the Blogger's Quilt Festival from Amy's Creative Side!  I even saved up a couple of quilts I wanted to enter, but if Amy hadn't sent that last chance notice, I would have missed it, and been so bummed.  Still, I can always look at and be inspired by all the entries even if I hadn't gotten
a chance to enter.  However, I'm going to throw a couple of entries in, just because.    Here's the first one:  It's called Drops of Jupiter.

This piece was inspired by a friend's child's Op art piece that he made in a summer camp last summer.  He was proudly showing me his piece and naturally I got an idea from it.  His piece was a drawing, with his hand, but naturally,  being the circular woman I am I turned to circles.  I had the drawing but it wasn't until I saw all these cool fabrics that I really got excited about the piece.

This reminds me of how drops of water magnify what is beneath them.  I quilted the spheres to look like Jupiter, and made parallel wavy lines over the rest of the piece.  I didn't want to add too much to the piece with the quilting, because I think the fabrics are what shines here, so I used white thread.   I so enjoyed doing this and I would like to make another at some point, using the same idea of displaced shapes, but with an entirely different fabric/style.

Sigh.  Now I just need some time to spend in my studio...

Once again, big thanks to Amy at Amy's Creative Side for conceiving of and doing all the work to make this fun, inspiring festival happen.

                                                 Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Housekeeping

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