Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WIP My Latest Obsession

So all work has stopped on the tree.  Not because I don't love it - I do, but...

I got a new idea the other day, and I can't stop working on it.  I mean,  I am really having a difficult time doing anything else - I just want to get this piece perfect...And it's proving to be quilt a challenge.  But apparently I love a challenge... 

Here is the sketch:  

Looks simple enough, huh?  But wait, not so simple to make as to draw...note my question: How to construct?  

I got some fabric and started experimenting, putting the pieces together in different ways and I'm finally getting a technique down...but it really requires serious precision.  And I'm not known by myself for that...Still - I'm having so much fun with it!  

Here's what I have so far.  I have the block construction down, but I'm experimenting with the black sashing - I really want the yellow to cross.  I thought about constructing all the squares and then slicing through it for the yellow, but seriously, there's just too much potential for messing up.  So I haven't quite gotten that part down, but it's coming.  

Here are some squares on my design wall.  I'm making a bunch, and then I'm only going to use the perfect(est) ones...I'm still finding it a challenge to get the blue and red half circles perfectly matched as well.  

I've realized that the reason I'm so excited about this is precisely because it is a challenge, but also, I really like it, too.  Again, I think it's pretty versatile - one could really use lots of different colors and fabrics.  

And so far, very zen despite the challenges and difficulties with construction.  It might have to do with the weather...we are having seventy plus, sunny days in February right now - hard to beat!  I just hope the trees don't go thinking spring has sprung and start to bud out - it hasn't really.  I'm just enjoying the moment while it lasts. 

Already checked out some other WIPS, but will do more later.  Linking up with Let's BEE Social and maybe Freshly Pieced too.

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