Saturday, February 14, 2015

Solid Solidarity What Can I Say? I'm Easy.

Just opened my bloglovin' this am to read about the solids lovefest started by Jenn from A Quarter Inch From the Edge.  I too, am solidly in the solids stand.  I admit to only just recently opening up to the word of prints, which, I'm learning, is also a fabulous planet to be on...

 but I think I dream in solids...

While I, like everyone else it seems, do have a deep love in my heart for the incredible psychadelic and deeply pleasing palette of Konas, I am an absolute, unapologetic fabric slut, because I love several other solids as well.  My first solid love is Cherrywood Fabrics.  I absolutely adore these sueded cottons for the rich colors, the soft feel, and their durability.  While they are more expensive, I can't help but feel that they are well worth it, and I'm obsessed their gradient bundles - I have spent a bundle myself on their gray to onyx bundle; it's my staple. I always seem to need different shades of grey, and they are just as sexy as the book - maybe more so, in my opinion.

Next there are the shot cottons from Oakshott Fabrics.  Oh the ecstasy that comes from the little glimpses of shimmery colors in these gorgeous, rich fabrics.  Of course they are also more expensive, but dammit, my quilts are WORTH it! (Or so I tell myself)

I'm all out of Konas at the moment as I've snipped them down to a few shreds so I'm sharing a bundle of Cherrywoods that I have left from a couple of different projects.

Now that I've realized how low I am on solids, I think I shall have to put them on my list to look for at Quiltcon...I'm counting the days - it is going to be so. much. fun!!!

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