Monday, April 25, 2016

How Simple Turns Complicated (aka Stop with the Ideas Already!)

It's been a while, I know. Can't help it - just have so much going on in real life and so little time to be creative. It cannot be helped, but it does make me rather cranky.  However, hooray!  I did get to sew both days this weekend, which was MUY BUENO!  And did I use that time to finish up any WIP's?  Of course not! 

 I started an entirely new piece!  

It started out as a simple design -dark blue to light blue triangles of different sizes going down the middle with smaller, colored triangles on either side. I actually finished that part in one day.  Here is what it was going to look like.  Not all sewn together, but you can get the general idea from this photo (sorry for the poor quality - I took it at night and the studio just doesn't have enough light - note to self to buy a good lamp.  Oh, I already made that note, just have to actually remember to actually DO it!)

I was going to leave it this way as I liked the simplicity of it, really I was, but then I got another idea. I decided to have ribbons coming out at the same angle as the triangles.  I cut and sewed a few.   

Hmm, not so bueno.  It drew the eye away from the center triangles and it looked like bug antennae, which are fine when one is doing bugs, but not not so great in this case.  After sleeping on it I decided to cut the ribbons out, and just leave the quilt the way I had originally planned.  No problemo.  BUT before I got started on removing them, I got another idea - how about flying geese in all the different blues pointing outward along the edges of the ribbons?  I tried it out and yeah - it really worked - all was muy bueno again!

Of course that meant I spent all day Sunday cutting out and making flying geese.  I had decided to use the method that allows you to make four flying geese at once, so I was super certain that I could whip them out in no time and have that baby complete by the end of Sunday - except silly me cut the squares opposite - the way I did it, the geese were going to be white and the "frames" blue - not at all what I was going for, so I had to recut them all.  (Now I have a lot of blue squares which I'm definitely going to make into HST's for another project, so that's not so horrible.  Although I was rather annoyed at the time, if I must be completely candid - and I suppose I must).  

All this has turned a simple quilt into a much more complicated one, but I suppose that's what I do best - complicate things.  It really works now, I think. Except for that one thing...

Do you see it? WRONG direction!  Argh!  I knew it was time to quit when I did that.

Tomorrow I may have a little time to work in my studio, so I can fix that mistake and continue on my simple turned complicated quilt journey.  At least I like the direction I'm going, but I admit, sometimes I wish I didn't have so many ideas.

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