Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Finally, Some WIP's!

It's been a while since I've had time to share, or to blog.  I'm hoping things will be slowing down a little so I can get back to it.  I started this blog not just as an opportunity to share my work, but to explore creativity and other interesting things about life and art, but I've fallen way behind on any kind of deep philosophizing for quite a while.  Today's no exception, either.  But...

I do have two WIP's to share.  One is a flimsy finish which I'm scared to start quilting.  It's a piece that started out as an art quilt and ended up a huge queen-size - yikes!  I really love it but not having a long-arm matchine and being far too cheap to pay someone else to quilt it, I find it a rather frightening prospect to quilt.  

I have no name for it - Boxes, maybe. It's supposed to be sort of an optical illusion.  Don't know if it worked, but I like it anyway.  I was thinking it was pretty original until I realized I had seen very similar blocks elsewhere.  Oh well, as I've said before - at this stage in humanity and with this many billions of people on the planet, it is actually fairly difficult to be completely original.  So let's just say it's original to me and leave it at that. 

I'm going to put it on my bed, I believe.  I like it that much. 

 It will be my summer quilt.  I will make another for the fall/winter.  That way maybe both of them will last longer that way, for the sun is quite brutal here in beautiful Central Texas. ( I also could get some window coverings for the long summer days - it wouldn't kill me, I suppose.  But I live in the country and my husband and I really enjoy looking at nature out our windows.  Still - these big ones are a major b*%#h to quilt, so it might be worth it to have shutters or something,  just  for when the summer sun is beating through the west windows...I'll think about it.)

Anyway, the next WIP I have to share is what I'm calling  21st Century Atomic Art.  I love mid-century modern stuff, and I've already made one version of what I call "Modern Atomic Art."  But I came across these sketches in my book and decided I just HAD to make them right now.  I have had a lot of fun, and could easily make more of these blocks, but I'm gonna stop myself because the blocks are huge and I really don't want this piece getting any larger.  I have a kind of fun border idea I'm toying with for it, though, so stay tuned, as they say.  

And just for kicks and giggles, here is an actual finish.  

It's made from scraps of the boxes quilt, and I was going to put it on the back, but I liked them so much I made them into minis instead.  (The fabric is the Blueberry Park Collection by Robert Kaufman, btw).  The colors are quite faboo.  In fact,  love them so much that I have two sets of them, actually.  Talk about ridiculous...but my niece wants to make a bed quilt for herself with them and I just couldn't resist making sure there was enough left over for me to make another piece too.  Not that I exactly have anything in mind, of course.  But I will, I'm sure, at some point...

Gonna spend some time tonight checking out all of y'all's work.  So inspiring and fun.  Thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping by - hope I didn't make it too long.  I am rather long-winded, even by computer sometimes.  (But I like to see it as "full of enthusiasm.")

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