Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WIP WednCouldn't Wait to Cut In to These Fabrics!

I was lucky enough to go to the Houston Quilt Festival this year (I promise to sit down and write and share pictures of my faves soon).  It was inspiring as always, however, I decided I was not going to buy any fabric unless it seemed really, really special to me.

Naturally, I discovered lots and lots of special fabrics.  One line is from Frond Design Studio - it's fabric derived from paintings (at least thats the way I understand it).  Anyway, I fell in love with these fabrics, and even though I have a several projects going on, I simply couldn't stop myself from starting another project (Sorry Jonas - you will get your HS graduation quilt before you graduate from college, I'm sure of it!).   I'm sure you'll understand after I show you the fabric before it is cut up. It's a work of art all by itself:

Pretty beautiful, huh.  Almost too special to cut up - well, maybe not but it could stand alone.  They had a quilt kit with a really gorgeous quilt all designed for it, but I already had a quilt design in mind - it's based on a rug I had seen while shopping for our vacation rental.  Like I've said before, one never knows where inspiration will come from.

Here is the flimsy finish.  I'm calling it Mountain Majesty.  Again, it's almost a seasonal quilt, with the colors and all, but really one could keep it up all year, I think.  I am pretty excited to quilt it up, I have a cool idea for it.

Luckily I still have a yard of this beautiful stuff, and a second idea.  But as I'm currently working on a commissioned piece and two others plus this one, I'm not allowing myself to jump into it yet (although oh how I WANT to).  What makes it a challenge is that I already have the second design in mind for the other half of the fabric.  This one is loosely based loosely on a mat I saw in front of an auto shop!  (Again, always looking out for inspiration...)

I have moreWIPS naturally, but this is what I'm super psyched about at the moment.  Linking up to WIP Wednesdays at Freshly Pieced and Sew Fresh Quilts to see what everyone else is excited about.

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