Sunday, November 22, 2015

Seen at the Houston Quilt Festival

This is my blog, so naturally it is going to reflect my own opinions.  I begin by saying this, because what speaks to me is not necessarily what speaks to others,  That said, I'm going to share some of my favorites from the 2015 Houston Quilt Festival.  
First of all, not all Houston Quilt Shows are created equally.  Of course, there are always examples of amazing, fabulous, beautiful work, but I don't always feel that every time I do I get a ton of inspiration for myself.  Don't know why exactly.  This year I have been on fire all month since I got home.  I can't say I've even looked at any of the pictures before tonight, but something lit a fire under me and I can't stop making since I got home.  Here are some of the ones I loved.  These spoke to me because of the artistry, the compositions, the technique, the idea, or they were funny, or I just found them appealing visually, I guess.  There were so many beautiful pieces; these are just a few, really.  Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to take photos of the description cards for each of them, so I can't say who made them (next time I'll do better).  

Here they are, in no particular order, except for the order in which I took the photos.  I apologize in advance for the photography, but the exhibition hall isn't all that well lit, and no flashes, ;and I'm not a great photographer anyway but you'll get the-er-picture, so - ENJOY!

This one was one of my absolute faves, too.  So beautiful and so masterfully done!  WOW.

And finally, my personal favorite.  I absolutely adore this quilt -the artistry the idea, the colors. It just blew me away.  I'm mad at myself for not taking a better photo!  This cuts some of it off and doesn't do it justice.

Now you tell me which one is YOUR favorite!

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