Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Back to Reality

This year I have set a few goals for myself and am writing down weekly/monthly in my handy Quilter's Planner what I hope to accomplish and I have to say, it is helping me stay on top of things a little better.  (Okay okay, I realize it's only the first month of the year, but we have to celebrate every little step forward in the quest for organization - at least I do!)  The point is that one of the high items on the list is the quilt I am working on for my son, called Fly, Boy!  (Because he is at college studying to be an airline pilot/engineer).  I put it away to work on a much larger quilt and other projects in October or so, but I am determined to finish it in the next couple of months.  So that is one of my WIP's this week:

Of course it is a challenge, because somehow, even though all of the squares were drawn the same size, some of them have turned out not to be the same size as others (because I hand-drew them, I'm sure) and so I am having to throw some away and remake them AND I didn't know how much of each color material to get so I have to order more os almost all of the background colors. But I like a challenge.  I just hope this piece turns out to be worth all the time and effort (and $$$) I am spending on it.

Next is my art quilt based on a glass bowl I saw in an art catalog (see Monday's blog) on finding inspiration: 

 I am looking at it daily, waiting for quilting inspiration...the obvious matchstick lines may be the thing, but I am giving myself some time to decide if that is really how I want to go with it.

And last is a little fun project I am also making up as I go along, based on the amazing scenery at Sedona, Arizona.  It's going to be a table runner, and I have enough fabric to make two of them, so I will.  The colors are so amazing. and I want to make sure I capture the uneven-ness of the rocks and the hombre effect of the colors.  I'm starting with the lighter ones at the top and am putting the orange-y reds at the bottom.  When I started it, I was going to paper piece it, but then I decided to piece and quilt it at the same time, which is  a lot easier.  I'm pleased with it so far...

Going to have to figure out how to do the edges, because I don't want them even, I want them to look craggy, like layers.  I have some ideas of how to do it, but I'm not worrying about that until I get the thing all pieced.  

So that's what I'm jammin' on this week - will go and check out all of y'all's doings, too.

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