Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Creative or just FRENZIED?

I seemed to have turned over a new and rather alarming leaf lately and I'm going to blame all my inspiring, quilty friends with blogs for it.  

But I am on the concerned wagon because something strange is happening to me.  Uncharacteristically, I keep starting new projects before I've completed the current ones.  (Well, I did complete the plus quilt at least.  Dang that was a lot of straight line quilting and for such a small piece, took up rather a lot of  my valuable time - rude thing!)

Well, it's not completely complete unless - does still having to cut the little threads count as complete or incomplete?

At the moment I am already working on one commissioned piece, one "I have no idea where this is going piece,

 a seasonal quilt (which I'd like to finish before the season is over, btw) 

and the Fly,Boy quilt for my son, and suddenly I feel the urge to start another that I've been tossing around in my head for a while.  (I'm going to blame this on on Yvonne over at Quilting Jet Girl - she's doing a piece she designed on vacation and it reminded me of an idea I had while back..)  Yikes! this is not me.  I've long been a one at a time girl (Well, on occasion two, but no more than that!) and now suddenly I'm all over the place.  

So, being me, of course I'm wondering if this is a good or a bad thing?  

 My organized, efficient self rationalizes that it's actually quite fine to have different projects in different stages, so I can work on whichever one I'm in the mood for, feeling inspired by, or have time for at the moment, as long as I have a plan or at least a loose time frame for completing them, and if I make a little schedule to work on each one.  But then there's that annoying practical (BORING!) voice in my head, too, wondering if I'm giving the right amount of attention to each piece, really giving it my all, doing my best work or if I'm just flitting around projects like the light-blindied moths hitting the window with soft thuds again and again, getting a massive headache, but never getting through.

But-but-but-being in the middle of the creative vortex makes me feel like I'm firing on all synapses, fueled by gorgeous fabrics and fabulous ideas - I can make this!  I can make that! Oooo- another idea, can't wait to work on that.. I'll just get started on this while it's fresh in my mind, do a little bit to see if it will work, and then I'll work on's exhilarating, really.   I'm a creative genius, bubbling over with fabulous ideas, Yippee!  I'm dancing around the piles with joyous abandon, fabrics swirling gloriously all around me...Uh oh,  here comes  the VOICE, that downer, bummer voice insinuating it's way into my brain, asking me if I'm really going to finish all these projects - or am I going to end up a lonely old schizophrenic quilter still seeing visions while getting more deeply buried under my plastic project boxes, suffocated by my own mountain of ideas, all (gasp) incomplete.  

Hmm - can't there be a happy medium?  I think there must be one.  Somewhere.  Just haven't found it yet.  While I'm looking for it, I think I'll just get started on this cool idea I have... 

Oh - and here's a commercial break, shameless plug, helping out a fellow quilter  - whatever you want to call it - CALL it because it's a great idea:  Head on over to Indiegogo and snatch up a copy of Stephanie Palmer's (Late Night Quilter) 2016 Quilter's planner.   It's chock full of fun stuff for creative types.  I'm really excited to get my copy, it may even help me with my current dilemma OR it might just make me come up with even more ideas to get me even deeper into quilting debt...Oh well, either way I'll be organized about it.  

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