Thursday, December 3, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Faded Glory and Jonas's Bed Quilt

I love Throwback Thursday.  It's so fun to explore where everyone started,  fabric-wise, skill-wise, and taste-wise, including oneself.  I don't have any Christmas shares, though.  I am right now making my first Christmas stuff ever. (I guess I'm kind of a Scrooge - don't want to spend much time on stuff that will only be out for a few weeks...)  Sadly, I also don't have a lot of my old quilts - I gave a bunch away when I first started quilting, and my very first quilt, made in 2002, is completely worn out - had to trash it, sadly.  But it was well-loved and well-used.

Here is one I've shared before - it's the one I made for my bed.  One of my first, so it's twelve years old, and it's been ruined by the sun.  I have west facing windows in my upstairs bedrooms, and since we live in the country, I don't have window coverings on them and the Texas sun has literally eaten holes in it.  But until I have time to make a new one, it lives on...(barely)

The colors used to be really bright - pink, magenta - those squares were a blue batik!

I still love the bright, sort of sari-like colors of this, and the pattern is quite fun, too.  It was only the third quilt I made, I think, and it wasn't super easy but I had help from my mother, too.  Plus after making enough squares for a queen sized quilt, I had it down.

Oh it's so sad - look what the sun has done - going to get window coverings before I make the next one, just to protect it!  My mom had this hand quilted for me - it cost her a fortune because it was so large!  Really hate to get rid of it....

I know a lot of people want calm, quiet colors in their bedrooms but not me, I guess.  And no, I don't have a bit of trouble sleeping in my room - I love it.  And my husband has never complained about the colors and  frankly, he could sleep in the middle of a tornado!

I'm sharing another one, too, that I made for my son Jonas - who was in first or second grade at the time.

Here it is on his bed, of course I had to make it - he was home for Thanksgiving but didn't make  the bed before he left.  Humph - college kids!

close up of the blocks - oh I LOVE those cute fabrics!  There's the frogs, and you can't see my favorite, which is turtles. 

It's a Mary Mashuta design. I love this pattern - to me, it's very George Jetson - somehow reminds me of tv.  I recall that this was a challenging pattern for a newbie, too.  When I was making it we spent some time in California that summer and I had the layout set up all over the beds in  one our cabin in the Sierras - that's how obsessed I was from the beginning - I even took my quilting on vacation!

One of the things I really love about this quilt is the backing.  If you get up under it, it glows - so cool.  Jonas loved this quilt!  It's still on his bed, in fact.   It is also quite faded, but it has been loved, let me tell you.

So I rarely use repeat pattern blocks or batiks anymore, but looking at these two pieces, I still really like them both, fabrics, design and all.  I would definitely make them again.  But I probably won't of course.  Too many other new ones to make! (And I don't think Jonas would be quite as excited about his quilt now, he's rather outgrown it...)

Going to go check out more throwbacks. Thanks to Jennifer Trot Zisserman from Quarter Inch From the Edge for her brainchild - it's super fun!

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