Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Laying Down Some Best-Made Plans

It's time to blog.  No matter that the dog hasn't been fed and the cat just knocked over my glass of water (and is licking it up off the floor, leading me to believe I need to refill their water dish...I'll get to it later).  No matter that there are dust bunnies in every single corner of my bedroom from lack of vacuuming.  No matter that I have about fifty things on my to do list and it's getting longer.  No matter that I need to exercise...I'm gonna blog instead.  (It's quite excellent to be a grown-up without a day job sometimes, ya know?)

So I did it - I bought EQ7.  I am both excited and slightly nauseated by this occurrence.  You see, while I have infinite patience with human beings, my actual frustration tolerance with inanimate objects is approximately one nano second.  Especially with computer programs.  So it was with more than a little trepidation that I opened up the program.  First thing I did was watch the little videos that come with the program yesterday and I have to say, they cracked me up.  My son said "Mom - what's that voice?  She sounds like she's talking to a preschooler!"  I was like "I know, right?  Isn't it GREAT? "

I personally LOVED them - they treat you like you are a complete idiot, which in my case is quite apropos.  They go over and over the same thing until by golly, you REMEMBER it.  That's precisely what I need.  Unfortunately, there were only a few of them that showed the very basics.  Now I must learn how to actually do the things I want to do.  Hmm, I feel my enthusiasm waning...

Luckily there are classes one can take to learn the program (for about $40.00 or more a shot, I might add).  I think I have to do it - I'm not going to subject my innocent cats to the kind of language they might hear if I try to learn the program on my own - it would scar them for life!

On another front, I'm happily looking through and using my wonderful Quilter's Planner 2016 created by Stephanie over at Late Night Quilter.  But apparently it's  a little underdressed, so I'm going to have to make it a covering garment so it won't be embarrassed (or cold).  Luckily some clever chica has already modified a book cover (!) design just to fit my little fledgling planner.  (What a relief - now my poor planner will not be indecent, although I can't promise it won't have a few profanities written in it before the year is out...

As I said, I'm quite excited about using the planner - it's really quite perfect - it has a monthly page and then weekly pages, and lots of room to sketch AND wonderful, cool quilt blocks and quilt designs and tips in it,  What more could a crazy, obsessed quilter person wish for?

All I ask is that someone remind me in a month or two to go back and actually LOOK at it.  Because I often write all sorts of stuff on my calendar and then forget to actually look at the thing - so very sad, I know.  So I'm asking y'all to remind me (when the newness wears off) to actually make use of the thing.  Lets set a reminder for, say -  March, okay?

And then another one for May or so, and so on...

I'm currently making lots of plans for 2016.  I'm planning to do a best of 2015 post, really I am, and I'm also planning to sit down and make some goals with Yvonne over at Quilting Jet Girl and I'm planning to finish up all my unfinished projects. I'm planning to be more disciplined, exercise more, eat healthfully, be more present, be more organized, curse fact I'm planning to plan more, so I can be an all-around, super-perfect person in 2016.  That's the plan, anyway.

Sorry I'm laying all this on your planning tool, Stephanie but hey, I'm shooting for the stars here.  Hope I hit a couple of 'em, anyway.

Okay okay, I guess I need to share something I'm working on, too, since it is WIP Wednesday.  Here is a pattern I tested for Amy Garro over at 13 Spools.  (FYI, I did not plan this very well, and so didn't have enough blue fabric for the middle panel, it should be all the way across, which indeed made me very cross, but I still love it and btw there is another planning reference I'm on a SERIOUS clever streak!)

 She's a rock star, as many of you know, and she's got some plans of her own (see how I got planning into this segment, too - phew - I ROCK!) I had an absolute blast working on this piece - it's called PUNK LOVE.  This pattern and several other brilliant stuffs are coming soon so get your cyber self on over there and check it out.

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