Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday - An Extremely Productive Day

Both yesterday and today I've actually sewn very little because I've been so busy doing other things...but I have so many fun things to share!  

First of all, I got a new machine and table and they are already so happy-making!  I got a Bernina 750.   She's a real beauty, my Audrey.  Just look at that long, graceful neck...and she purrs like a kitten! 

I call her the BMW of machines.  It was love at first stitch but there's so much more to her than her looks - I'm definitely going to take the classes so I can make sure to get the most out of her.  Although I suspect that the truth is, I would love her just for her thread cutter and all that extra space, but she's incredibly deep, too!    And just look at how she greets me every day...

She's just brilliant.  I could spend all day with her and never get bored!

So I've been working on my tree.  I won't lie, it's been a serious bitch, I won't even bother with the details, but much cursing and ripping of seams has occurred.   Finally got it put into the background, though - phew!   It's all wonky, but I simply cannot worry about that at the moment - it's fixable (I'm sure).

 Next step - figuring out the leaves.  I have the fabrics all pulled, just need to decided how to move forward.  I'm putting it away for a few days, though - I'm not feeling particularly friendly towards it at the moment.

I've also been ripping and ripping away on my as-yet unnamed piece.  I quilted three squares entirely before I realized I didn't like the way it was looking.  I actually timed myself - it takes an hour and a half to pull them all.  But I don't mind, actually, although it is tedious for sure.  I really like this piece and I want to do it right.  I'm just glad I can take the crappy quilting out - I would be worse than sad if I had to leave it all wrong.  But I've taken my time, just doing one side of the square at a time.  Had to go out and buy a new ripper, though - burned the old one out -  RIP old ripper!

Last (but still extremely exciting)...I'm published!  In Fresh Quilts Spring 2015 - it's awesome!  I really love this magazine. Here's the cover:

 It's a little surreal to see my piece in there - but I can handle it.  Here's the spread:  (Pardon the shit photography please, I'm in a bit of a rush - the real magazine is gorgeous, I promise.)

I've also spend a good deal of the day on these adorable little Ombre dots charms pack.  I cut them into quarter squares and have make about 20 different arrangements so far...and the problem is, I liked them all.  Nice problem to have, I would say...I don't have a photo to add right now, but I promise to add one later...

I also went to the quilt store today and did laundry and vacuumed the house (not that you can tell - we are drowning in mud at the moment and a lot of it makes its way inside so I give up.

But a very busy, very fine day, I would say!  I'll be around later to check out everyone's work - right now I'm headed out to dinner - such an excellent way to end the day (no cooking)! 

CIAO Bellas y Bellos!

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