Friday, October 31, 2014

An End (or is it a beginning?) to the Blues...

So happy to find out I didn't miss the deadline for Amy's Creative Side's Blogger's Quilt Festival!  I have been so busy with my son's fall activities, visiting family, etc. I saw the email but just didn't even have time to process it.

  Of course, I am supposed to be at the Houston Quilt Festival this week, but got sick and had to cancel - didn't care at first because I was so ill, but today I'm feeling better but am now bummed to be here and not there.  Woe is me...the quilts...the fabric...the fun...the fabric...the inspiration....the fabric I am missing - it's just so so tragic. 

Luckily the Blogger's quilt festival is an awesome way to distract myself from what I am missing.  Loads and loads of amazing, creative and beautiful quilts to be inspired blogs to add to my already pretty long list of blogs...shops to peruse from the comfort of my Big Ass chair....something I can do without expending too much energy (although I must say I do LOVE antibiotics - they are quite miraculous, aren't they? I'm feeling much more like myself...) 

The first quilt I am showing is my quilt called Constellation.  It is a modern quilt (says Mrs. Obvious); my own design.  I had this one in my head for a while before I made it - never even made a sketch, just started cutting and sewing and Viola! Here she is.

 I think I may be going through a Blue period - I almost never used blue before but lately it keeps inspiring me...Made with the amazing Cherrywood fabrics - I love them so much.  

At first I didn't want to quilt it - I loved how clean it looked, but I knew I must so I just did lines and really, I'm so glad I did - far from taking away from the piece, it really added depth. 

So thanks so much to Amy for this chance to be at a quilt festival after all.  Can't wait to dive in!

                                                     Blogger's Quilt Festival -

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