Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Joining in the Fun

It's late but I'm gonna link up anyway.  I haven't been able to participate for various reasons for a long time.  I am actually finally finished with the Glass Bowl piece.  It turned out well, although once again I don't have fabulous photos to show it.  (I really hate photography.  I just do.)

I did decide to straight line quilt it.  After all, the lines on the bowl were all straight.  But I added some silver thread and used a silvery fabric for binding to add to the "glow" effect.  And it did, but it's quite subtle I'm not sure it shows much in the photos:

The fabrics are so amazing, they are gorgeous (Frond Fabrics from Delve DIY).  Luckily I have lots more and several ideas for them.  

But for now I am working on a new, secret project.  Fun.

Going to join in with Sew Fresh to see what y'all are up to.

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